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Any time you gamble you are always taking a chance. Whether it?s implementing a horse racing system Cheap Seth DeValve Jersey , going for it at the casino or spread betting on an NFL game, there is a chance that you will win and a chance that you will lose.

Maybe I ve stated the obvious here, but there is a reason and it will become more apparent as you read on further, so do bare with me.

The world?s best gamblers will tell you that gambling is more of a sport that they can influence, than simply being lucky. So why is this?

Well, before I go into this and explain how you too can be more successful with your betting Cheap JC Tretter Jersey , let?s look at some of reasons why people fail and often it?s simply a case of relying on lady luck to bring you success.

Anytime you are betting on horse racing, there should be three things that will influence which horse you choose, regardless of which horse racing system you use, and these are:

The odds (value), the statistics (the horse s previous form, it s recent training performances Cheap Kevin Zeitler Jersey , the jockey that is on board to name but three), and the outside influences (such as the course, the going or the conditions of the race and the competition).

Do Not Make These Same Mistakes

The price or odds being offered for a horse should speak for themselves, but yet I m afraid to say that many people get this so wrong. A lot of people want the big win, and so implement a popular horse racing system which is just to back favourites.

Now as favourites only win less than a third of the time, the pressure is really on to get huge value from horses who by their very definition won t have much value. Because they are the favourite means that they are unlikely to offer you the odds that you ll need to make a profit Cheap Darren Fells Jersey , as the bookmakers will not risk putting a higher price on the horse as they would go out of business!

The second horse racing system often used by punters is simply to just back outsiders a name for a horse that has a high value price, but is less likely to win the race, and often has no chance of winning the race.

In reality, this is just as flawed as the racing system mentioned above whereby you back just favourites. Backing outsiders does mean that you are least going for more value, and so you stand to win more from a winning bet. However, simply basing your horse racing system on price alone is a foolish thing to do Cheap Damarious Randall Jersey , and this is the crux of this situation really.

Yes you want to be looking at value horses, but ones who have a chance of winning and not bringing up the rear, which is what the majority of pure outsiders do. Sure, the bookies get it wrong sometimes, and an occasional outsider will win, but not that often.

What You Should Be Doing

So at the top of this article we mentioned about successful gamblers and asked why they feel they can better their chances of winning Cheap Jarvis Landry Jersey , so how do they do this?

Well, from my own experience I would rather make an educated guess at which horse I feel will win, rather than just betting on a whim or shooting in the dark.

Which is why any successful horse racing system, betting plan, call it what you will, should be considering the items that were listed towards the top of this article; the odds Cheap Desmond Harrison Jersey , the statistics and the outside influences.

Sure, we don t get it right all the time, but by having and using the information that is available you stand a much better chance of consistently choosing winning horses and thus enjoying your racing all the more.


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